New Blends are Coming!

We’ve been hard at work within the ciderhouse on some great new cider blends.  The cider community owes a bit of gratitude to the craft brewing because they have helped establish an openness in the drinking community to new and different variations of the drinks we enjoy.  As a result cidermakers such as ourselves have the freedom to try new and different representations of our favorite beverage.  In the coming weeks here’s what to look for:

Our first perry, or pear cider, we call Pearfectly Perry will be available on draft.  Using NW grown pears we’ve made a  light, medium sweet perry, that goes great with lighter fare.

Following that will be our first hopped cider, Hop’rageous.  We dry hop our cider with the unique citra hops, and it takes on a fresh, citrus tone that screams warmer weather.  We’ve been slow to warm to the hoppy cider trend, but we think we’ve found a winner with this one.

Also coming are some unique ciders made with botanicals you would normally associate with gin than with cider, but trust us, these will be worth trying.



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