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Date: January 7th, 2015


Portland Cider Company to Open Hawthorne Public Taproom

Oregon City, OR – The Portland Cider Company today announced it has signed a lease on a property in Portland’s Hawthorne District. The company will open “The Portland Cider House,” at 3638 Hawthorne Blvd in mid-March, 2015.

The 1300-square-foot location will feature 24 taps, offering Portland Cider Company ciders, along with select ciders from other regional craft cidermakers.  All ciders will be available in pints, flights and growler fills.

The Portland Cider House will be open to patrons of all ages and while it will feature a limited food menu, patrons are encouraged to bring in food from any one of the many excellent restaurants in the area.

The Portland Cider House is a follow on to the company’s tasting room at their production facility in Oregon City. “We have enjoyed a great deal of interest in our ciders at our Oregon City tasting room,” says Owner and Chief Ciderist Jeff Parrish. “It has been our desire from day one to open a unique public taproom devoted to promoting not just our ciders, but all the excellent craft ciders being produced in the northwest.  We are very excited about this endeavor.”

The Portland Cider House will feel like a step into a rustic, farmhouse cidery.  The décor will feature a bar and tables made from reclaimed wood, with cedar planking lining the walls.  Many cider related antiques will be placed throughout and original works from local artists will be featured.

About Portland Cider Company – The Portland Cider Company was started in October 2012 by an Oregonian and a family of British expats with the mission of bringing cider, handcrafted in the English tradition, to the Northwest. For more information, visit


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The Origin of Scrumpy

scrumpyIn apple-harvest time in England, the rural childhood and farm hand pursuit of stealing the windfall apples, or the small apples left on the trees after harvest from orchards, is called “scrumping”.  Scrumping evolved into the illicit taking of any sort of apple.

If you’re familiar with British cider, you will know “scrumpy” for a cheap and rough, though strongly alcoholic, variety which is a hazard to the unwary. Its name is a relative of “scrumping” in its oldest sense because it was often brewed from the apples that were stolen (“scrumped”) from the orchards. Modern brands that go by that name are mild compared with the vinegary farm-made sort of old, that was also described many years ago as “squeal-pig cider”, this being the noise you made when you tried it!  It’s said that it takes three people to swallow a mug of true scrumpy, one to drink and the other two to hold him upright!

Here at Portland Cider we’ve made our own take on a scrumpy which is now in very limited quantities and available exclusively at the tap room.  It is called Barnyard Scrumpy.  It’s dark, dry, still (no carbonation), oaked, 11.5% abv, and served at room temperature.  One sip and you’ll understand while it is only available in 4 oz pours!

New Blends are Coming!

We’ve been hard at work within the ciderhouse on some great new cider blends.  The cider community owes a bit of gratitude to the craft brewing because they have helped establish an openness in the drinking community to new and different variations of the drinks we enjoy.  As a result cidermakers such as ourselves have the freedom to try new and different representations of our favorite beverage.  In the coming weeks here’s what to look for:

Our first perry, or pear cider, we call Pearfectly Perry will be available on draft.  Using NW grown pears we’ve made a  light, medium sweet perry, that goes great with lighter fare.

Following that will be our first hopped cider, Hop’rageous.  We dry hop our cider with the unique citra hops, and it takes on a fresh, citrus tone that screams warmer weather.  We’ve been slow to warm to the hoppy cider trend, but we think we’ve found a winner with this one.

Also coming are some unique ciders made with botanicals you would normally associate with gin than with cider, but trust us, these will be worth trying.



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